Winter Cravings



As winter begins to settle into Vancouver, a girl cant help but seek out the perfect ankle booties. I’m the kind of girl who whines about a 5 inch heel that causes me 2 days of sore feet after a night out but for everyday wear, I’m looking for a little something thats more comfortable. 

I’ll be honest with you, I feel like Vancouver’s selection lacks lusterbut these Rag & Booties are just what will satisfy my craving. I will be eyeing these until they go on sale for either black friday. What are some of your most coveted items this winter? 



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I’m tired, but fulfilled. I could use not only nap, but a hibernation period. Oddly enough, I feel complete. I have a clear focus on what I want for 2013 and exciting events are just above the horizon.

2012 completely under wraps now, I’m happy that I went through it. I feel strong even though there is a deep hole that will never fully heal due to a number of painful events. I guess that’s what builds character. I’ve realized a good cry every once in a while keeps you sane and god damn, keep running. I mean put on a good pair of kicks, and run the shit out of that pavement until you feel better.

On the flip side, the happiest moment of my life occurred in 2012. After being with my best friend and boyfriend of literally a decade, we are finally engaged and commencing the wedding plans. I could not be more happy or honoured to be his soon-to-be wife. Him and I will conquer the world, just you watch 😉

I’m excited to share this new found clarity and exciting events ahead. Pictures use to not be my thing, but they’re growing on me. I’m excited to bring everyone along for the ride in 2013.

Nina xo

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Someone to watch over me


I really contemplated whether or not to write this post. The emotions I feel are as raw as a new flesh wound and feel like I haven’t fully come to terms with our loss. I said goodbye to the foundation and pillar of who I am. I said goodbye to my beloved Grandfather.

What made me decide to write this post is my intention to leave a digital footprint on the life that my Grandfather lived. Being 80 years old, he never understood the wonders of what technology and it just wouldn’t feel right not to share a glimpse of the fiercely fashionable, great and genuinely good man, my grandfather was.

My Grandfather was the warmest and most beautiful soul I have ever known. He was the embodiment of a man who really worked hard at living a full life.  He capitalized on absolutely every second of every minute, embracing ever hour of the day. Swimming, golfing, ball room dancing, and socializing friends, there was not one moment he wasn’t making someone laugh or being the shoulder to cry on when they were in despair. He was the kind of man who would give you his jacket on stormy day.

He was every grandchild’s dream Grandfather. The abundance of love and joy that he brought into our lives has taught us to be good people. To love on those, not only those in our immediate family, but everyone around us. He instilled the belief that it was our duty in life to become great people and a positive contributor to society. Most importantly he taught us that love overcomes all adversity.

If you were to ask anyone who met him what the most memorable thing about him, I guarantee they would all say his impeccable sense of style. The number of suits in all ranges of colours and textures could make any man envious. His staple fashion accessory was either a fantastic fedora he paired with one of his suits or a lovely scarf to keep him watch on his travels. He showed me at a very young age that the right outfit could lift your spirits despite whatever you were going through.

I feel like a part of my soul has left my heart but I know that he’s finally at peace. He is where he belongs, right by my Grandmother’s side just like he had always been. Thank you Grandpa, for being such a huge part of my life. I will always miss you.

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Dear Sister,

After watching the Half the Sky trailer, I downloaded the e-book and came to a realization that us in developed countries take a lot for granted. I’ve realized that my huge princess complex has blinded me from achieving my potential. I have a government that has given me the opportunities to get educated, yet I whined through the whole duration of my time at school. I’ve been given a level playing field than most get, yet have complained it’s unfair. I’ve been given a space with a bed and optimal working conditions, yet I’ve been unhappy on how its been furnished.

Sister, I’ve been an ungrateful brat. I’ve been spoiled by the opportunities and riches that the first world has to offer, yet I’ve been greedy and wanting more. Today I promise to replay this trailer when I’m having a diva moment and remember all of you. I promise towards my greatest potential, take every education opportunity that comes my way, and most importantly, learn about your obstacles and spread the word for all to hear.

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Meme Monday: Korean Swagger

If you heard of Gangnam Style yet, take a few minutes and check it out the video that has over 133 million views. I guarantee it will put a smile on your face. Wishing everyone a happy week!

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Feeling Eclectic?

I’m no art buff but I love bright colours and Andy Warhol. These art pieces immediately caught my attention and I wanted to know more about the artist behind them.  The Miami-based artist and art director of Art Nouveau, GREATECLETIC has taken the art world by storm and you can catch his interview on Live Fast Mag. What your favourite piece is out of the bunch?

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Pumped Up Kicks

Who says that shoes can’t change a girl’s life? I feel like Cinderella when I wear these – only way more sophisticated but still full of fairy tale factor. I wanted to share these purchases ever since I got back from my trip to Italy but I promptly dropped them off to get resoled.

I searched high and low for Christian Louboutins in Italy. Thanks to the awesome ladies at, I was able to locate a reputable department store (there were fakes all over the streets of Italy) where I would be able to scope out a lot of different designer shoes. The store is called Gente and it was located by the Spanish Steps, couple stores down from Chanel. These are the Pigalle 100 Kid and I cant wait to rock them!

I scooped these up during our trip to The Mall, a designer outlet outside Florence. I have to say I was disappointed with the outlets but like all outlets, they’re usually hit or miss. I usually stay away from suede but just couldn’t resist. They were a great price and they have both of my favourite colours incorporated into the shoe – blue and gold!

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