Feminism: Redefining the F Word


Chanel Spring 2015

From Beyonce’s Flawless remix with Nicki Minaj, Emma Watson’s UN He for She Speech, to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s We Should All Feminist Ted Talk. Ladies, we’re finally steering the conversation in the right direction.

Feminism is one of those taboo words that strips your femininity away from you. When you have strong opinions about gender equality or in my case, start a conversation among friends about how there are few women working in the tech industry, I  feel the judgemental stares pierce into my skull. Despite these opinions, I do enjoy getting primped with the latest beauty trend or shopping for a pre-fall outfit. I have an intense shoe collection and enjoy the attention of attractive men – hey I’m single after all! I also hope that one day, in the distant future, I will have children and have hired help to do all my housework. By no means am I a man hater who goes around burning her Victoria Secret bra; no one is wasting a good bra and $50.

Today I declare and claim the label of a Feminist. I believe that I can be a part of a modern feminist movement that stands firm for gender equality while celebrating the essence of being a woman. I hope you will join me.


About Nina

Dreamer, ambitious, fierce but kind. Just celebrating the essence of being a woman.
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