I’m tired, but fulfilled. I could use not only nap, but a hibernation period. Oddly enough, I feel complete. I have a clear focus on what I want for 2013 and exciting events are just above the horizon.

2012 completely under wraps now, I’m happy that I went through it. I feel strong even though there is a deep hole that will never fully heal due to a number of painful events. I guess that’s what builds character. I’ve realized a good cry every once in a while keeps you sane and god damn, keep running. I mean put on a good pair of kicks, and run the shit out of that pavement until you feel better.

On the flip side, the happiest moment of my life occurred in 2012. After being with my best friend and boyfriend of literally a decade, we are finally engaged and commencing the wedding plans. I could not be more happy or honoured to be his soon-to-be wife. Him and I will conquer the world, just you watch 😉

I’m excited to share this new found clarity and exciting events ahead. Pictures use to not be my thing, but they’re growing on me. I’m excited to bring everyone along for the ride in 2013.

Nina xo


About Nina

Dreamer, ambitious, fierce but kind. Just celebrating the essence of being a woman.
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