Dear Sister,

After watching the Half the Sky trailer, I downloaded the e-book and came to a realization that us in developed countries take a lot for granted. I’ve realized that my huge princess complex has blinded me from achieving my potential. I have a government that has given me the opportunities to get educated, yet I whined through the whole duration of my time at school. I’ve been given a level playing field than most get, yet have complained it’s unfair. I’ve been given a space with a bed and optimal working conditions, yet I’ve been unhappy on how its been furnished.

Sister, I’ve been an ungrateful brat. I’ve been spoiled by the opportunities and riches that the first world has to offer, yet I’ve been greedy and wanting more. Today I promise to replay this trailer when I’m having a diva moment and remember all of you. I promise towards my greatest potential, take every education opportunity that comes my way, and most importantly, learn about your obstacles and spread the word for all to hear.


About Nina

Dreamer, ambitious, fierce but kind. Just celebrating the essence of being a woman.
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