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Throughout the duration of my worst acne prone phases I consistently looked for skin care systems that would help me heal and keep my breakouts at bay. The BIGGEST contributor to the fight against my acne was a clean, sugar-free diet, with LOTS of water. I know what you’re thinking yeah, yeah, water is the miracle cure for everything. It really is!  It flushes out the toxins out of your system and in my case, these toxins were flaring up my skin PLUS it helps with weight loss. Bonus! What do I mean by a clean diet? Minimal junk food, lots of fruits and veggies, and lots of complex whole grains. 

As a teen and BCIT student, I lived and breathed junk food from all ethic cultures! McDonalds, Taco Bell, Chinese food, all the deep friend goodness from Japanese and Korean restaurants, I had it all, and often 2-3 times a day. Disgusting.

Even with the horrid diet, the following items were able to improve my skin’s overall complexion.

1. Dettol Soap


  • Adding this soap to my routine helped drastically improve my complexion at my lowest
  • Cheap – Less than $10


  • Harsh on skin and not recommended for sensitive skin types
  • Not readily available in Canada

2. Proactiv


  • Healed my breakouts quicker, most effective when combined w/a clean diet
  • Autoship program makes sure you never run out of your supply


  • On the expensive side – $80 + w/auto ship program
  • Cleanser tends to dry out the skin

3. system

If you haven’t checked out before it’s a great community of acne sufferers. There a ton of product reviews, detailed skin care routines that work on others, and is an overall great community when you’re feeling down about your skin.



  • Must follow the exact step by step instructions in order to see results
  • Process of applying products is time-consuming – i.e. suggested that you wait 15 min for your face to completely dry before applying treatment etc.

4. Honey Glycerin Soap


  • Cheap and available at all grocery stores
  • Gently cleanses and doesn’t dry out skin


  • If you wear makeup on a regular basis, soap does not thoroughly remove all your makeup.

My skin is closer to the clearer complexion I’ve always wanted thanks to the help of these products and dedication to a clean diet.


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