The Notebook Meets Grease

Today I decided I’d try something a little different. I went off to revisit a park my dear friend Marnie had taken me to years ago. I remember the place so vividly. It was as if the landscape had been painted from the words of a romance novel. It was a perfect hot summer day and there was a slight breeze, only evident by the swaying of the tall grass. Nature surrounded us and although mere minutes away from the city, it felt as if you had stepped into another time. The scene reminded me of something from the Notebook.

On our last visit, Marnie had shown me an old raceway from the 1960s that was situated in the park.I fell in love with its history and the sense of mystery it had. As I trecked down a beautiful serene path that lead me to the raceway, I came across streams that only the colder months could produce, opening my eyes up to another side of beauty that he park had to offer. Once I made it to the race way, my imagination began to go wild.

Images of girls with leather jackets, scarfs around their necks, and cigarettes in hand began to flood my mind. Grease lightening, anyone?  I imagined this raceway had to be the “hot” spot on the weekends and where all the heart throbs had to hang. I could almost hear the combustion from the engine and the rumble of the muffler in the deserted race way. The weathered concrete and rusted metal fence still held energy from the good times that were had there. I walked around the track a few times and felt sucked into the time warp that only existed in my mind. It’s been a while since I have felt that in tune with a place and have let my imagination go free.

Where do you guys go to let your minds run wild and free?


Start/Finish Line


Raceway railing

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