Getting Over My Quarter Life Crisis

When 2012 hit, I was determined to find out where my happiness lies and what direction I should take to begin the process of uncovering it. Remember, again, how I wanted to push myself to be uncomfortable? Yeah, last night, I pushed myself to a panic attack level.

Naturally a introvert, I thought what better way to get uncomfortable than to throw yourself into a networking event and attend a panel discussion featuring some of the leaders in the social media and technology space. This event was put on by the CWC-AFC and was appropriately titled Women Who Wow. The panel consisted of Rebecca Bollwitt better known as Miss604 , Gillian Shaw from the Vancouver Sun, and Alexandra Samuel from Love your Life online. Not going to lie, I felt intimidated and didn’t think I would go through with the event.

I missed the beginning and end which were the networking sections of the event, to catch up with coworkers and reflect on what I had learned (aka. chickened out). I feel comforted knowing that some of the feelings I’ve been dealing with are some of the same feelings that these influential women have faced as well. What resonated with me was that the strive for ultimate perfection is foolish and I finally realized that it’s okay to feel uncertainty. I also learned that self-investment is not selfish but one is the best things you could do for yourself. I felt as if fate had arranged me to attend this event and that this panel discussion was designed just for me. To think that I thought of skipping out on the event last minute!

As I sit in front of the Olympic torch writing this post, I feel alive and excited for what the world has to offer. Tomorrow I embrace uncertainty and continue on the path to find my happiness.


About Nina

Dreamer, ambitious, fierce but kind. Just celebrating the essence of being a woman.
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