Lean In, Lean Forward

Sheryl Sandberg: Who is she? In layman terms, she’s a Boss. Among the top 5 on the Forbes: World’s Most Powerful Women list and numero dos in command at Facebook as COO, she is championing the effort to encourage women to stay in their career’s and aim for the very top. I came across her TED talk 4 months ago on a day when I felt completely and utterly lost in my life. Her talk gave me clarity and guidance to put me on the right path to figuring out what  I really and truly want.I’ve never felt you should seek out a man for him to take care of you. If you’re healthy, then why can’t you as a woman take care of yourself? I’ve been absolutely blessed to have great women around me growing up. My mom, the bread winner of our household and my Aunt, a successful CFO for a large corporation in Japan – despite the cultural double standard set in that country. I strive to keep that torch lit everyday.

Sheryl Sandberg is a modern day Joan of Arc. In her talk at the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women, she mentions how senior business women don’t talk about this issue and was even advised not to do her infamous TED Talk because it would “ruin her career”. She also provides 5 tips for women who want to stay in their career, all the way to the top:

1. Believe in yourself2. Dream Big3. Make your partner a REAL partner4. Dont leave before you leave5. Start talking about thisOver the next few weeks, I will be starting a blog series called Lean In, Lean Forward (LILF). It will discuss my feelings on each tip in an effort to help me grow as a woman early on in her career. Thank you Sheryl Sandberg for inspiring me to not be afraid and to aim for the very top!

UPDATE: At the time I wrote this post I was absolutely inspired to empower women to make a path of their own and OWN it. One thing that I despise more than anything is a hypocrite. This series is an idea that I’ve decided to put on the back burner until I’ve gained more experience to express my observations and feelings. I guess this is a promise to myself to remember how I felt in this moment and remember what character I am continuing to solidify.


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Dreamer, ambitious, fierce but kind. Just celebrating the essence of being a woman.
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