90 Day Challenge: Nothing tastes as good as Skinny feels

I recently reached a point where I was disgusted with myself. I would look at myself in the mirror in the morning and say “What the hell have I done to myself?”. I was past the denial phase and had come to terms with the fact I had to do SOMETHING about it. This has been an ongoing issue for the last 5 years and I finally decided to make a change. My New Year’s Resolution was to get fit in 2011 and lose all the unhealthy weight I have gained – just for you to reference I am 20 lbs over my healthy, ideal weight. It’s been a war of the body fats and I lost and won many battles this year. I’ve overcome my fear of the gym (no one is actually judging you), completed the Vancouver Sun Run, and lost 5lbs. These victories were offset by binges of junk food, ultimately derailing me from progressing further. What I lacked was consistency and the patience to go through the process needed to reach my goal. I’m just so freakin’ impatient when it comes to weight loss!

Last month, a friend – who I admire for her healthy lifestyle – asked me if I would join a 90 day challenge she was doing with her girlfriends. I instantly purchased the meal replacement shakes (ViSalus Shakes) which are to be taken twice a day with snacks in between and allows one “sensible” meal at dinner. There are also before pictures you are to take when you start the challenge and weigh-in’s every 30 days after. The Before pictures traumatized me. In addition to the trauma, it has helped to have a partner through this process and I thank my friend Jess for inviting me to join in this challenge – luv ya!  After week 1, I felt amazing. My complexion was clearing up and I felt less bloated. Granted I was grumpy from going from a party of flavor in my mouth at each meal down to a shake but I figured hell, this shake is delicious compared to some I’ve had . Week 2 was great until the weekend – too much wine and I found an ALL YOU CAN EAT FONDUE  place. Junk Food Blackout from that point forward. Game over week 2 😦

Surprising enough, its week 3 and I’ve jumped back on the horse and going strong. I plan to pound it out until I head off  for the Bahamas in a couple weeks and will resume the challenge once I’m back and bronzed. I feel good about the process this time around 🙂


About Nina

Dreamer, ambitious, fierce but kind. Just celebrating the essence of being a woman.
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4 Responses to 90 Day Challenge: Nothing tastes as good as Skinny feels

  1. mrsays says:

    You inspire me girlfriend!

  2. Bradly Beachler says:

    Extra body fats are troublesome but of course you can reduce it by doing some cardio exercise like running and fast walking.

  3. Wally Fuentas says:

    Excessive body fats are usually troublesome but of course you can lessen it by doing some cardio exercise like jogging and brisk walking.

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