Simulation Life

 “It’s scary man, simulation life that we’re living. It scares me.” –  Drake

I’ve admired Drake from the first time I heard Best I’ve Ever Had. His music gives me this heart felt connection that is hard to explain and has kept me on track when I wanted to give up.  I’m a geek that has grown to love Social Media and all things tech for that matter! To hear that one of my favourite artists say they hated Social Media made me a little sad. I want to see a twitter timeline full of tweets from Kanye West, Drake, Nicki Minaj and more! Tweets and posts from my favourite artists make me feel like I’m directly connected – that’s what social media is made for right? The one part of his statement that has resonated with me was when said he felt that people were living vicariously through other’s images on social media and that we’re living this Simulation Life. For whatever reason, from the a.m. till now, I cant let that part of the statement go and I keep telling myself that this is not how I’m going to life MY life.

I started this blog with the intention to log the journey to find MY ultimate happiness, with nothing else to guide me but my heart and intuition. It’s been over a month to get to this point of writing this post but for whatever reason Drake’s statement has compelled me to start today. I’m an observer – not the creepy kind you notice, but the sneaky one you can only feel watching (I’m going to get cha ;)). I’ve watched the blogging community in Vancouver and wondered: Where do I fit in? I’ve realized that I’ve never fit into an exact mold and why should I start now? I’m driven, uberly ambitious, and am taking a chance by writing this blog with my heart on my sleeve. My life is not a Simulation Life and I want to share this journey with anyone who wants to come along with me. Chanel Bag, weight loss, and all!



About Nina

Dreamer, ambitious, fierce but kind. Just celebrating the essence of being a woman.
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